Accounting and Tax

The Challenge
Many owners of small businesses suffer from an information gap. The important financial and tax information may be getting to management too slowly, or not at all.

The Solution
Our firm provides benefits to our clients, not just features. We deliver just what our clients want:
Timely reports.
Timely tax returns.
We don’t make you wait for the final results.
We return your phone calls, quickly.
We keep the lines of communication open.
Reasonable fee structure.
Stability; same location for 18 years. You know we’re here to serve you.
Very low staff turnover.
We are better able to serve you.

Author of the Book

We know what your problems are. We specialize in solving them.
We know how to work with owners of small businesses.

Our Specialty
We specialize in serving the needs of the owners of small businesses. We know that all owners of small businesses want personal service and communication from the principal person in the accounting firm.
That’s exactly what we provide.

Areas of Expertise
During our 25 years in public accounting we have built up expertise in serving many businesses in the following industries:

Manufacturing – Machinery, truck equipment, injection molding, furniture, sporting goods, clothing, electronic test equipment, nameplates, lighting fixtures, sheet metal fabrication, glass fabrication, machine shops.

Wholesaling – Textiles, electronics, food.

Retail – Furniture / appliances, jewelry, liquor, clothing, motels, bus companies, restaurants, video, pharmacies.

Construction – General contractors, sub-contractors, fence rentals, underground utilities.

Service – Physicians, dentists, attorneys, anesthesiologist, hospital consultants, collection agencies, property managers, audio equipment rentals, entertainers, recording studios, mortgage brokers, court reporters, travel agencies, non-profit foundation, escrow company, computer programmers.

Client Accounting Services
The indispensable management tool is the highly detailed financial report. Analysis and planning always starts with the financial statements.

Tax Planning
Year-end tax on income should never be a surprise. We provide tax planning on a continuous basis for our clients.

Projections and Budgets
The sophisticated and successful entrepreneur knows how to manage. With our outstanding computer software, we can help plan your future.

Business Loan Proposals
PROPOSALS Smaller banks are recommended because they are much more responsive to the needs of small businesses. We prepare conventional and S.B.A. loan proposals for our clients.

Tax Representation
All businesses and individuals are vulnerable to audits by the I.R.S. and other governmental agencies. We have considerable experience representing clients from the audit level all the way up to the appellate level of the I.R.S.

Tax Return Preparation
We prepare individual, business and fiduciary income tax returns, payroll tax returns, yearly business licenses, personal property reports, and many other required governmental forms.