Business Book

How to Start and Manage a Business of Your Own Business
(A Practical Approach)


“How to Start and Manage a Business of Your Own” is to be used as a guide in helping the reader through some of the problems of starting and managing their own business. The author has spent many years observing people running their own busines. By far, the most difficult time is just before and just after the business has started. This is the period that the author has written about.
As many issues as possible, related to starting and managing a business have been discussed. However, no responsibility is assumed by the author for specific problems which would require the professional advice and counsel of a certified public accountant or an attorney.
The author firmly believes that a publication of this nature, with its brief observations, is the best way to approach the subject. The person starting a business wants to spend as much time as possible getting it going, instead of reading how to do it. However there are times that some guidance would be helpful.
The person who is starting his own business deserves a great deal of credit. He is an adventurer. He is an independent thinker. He is taking a trip into the unknown and there is no guarantee of the outcome. It is impossible to describe the feeling you get when you are able to start a business and build it into a successful venture. To be able to sit back and observe the fruits of your labor is fantastic. But, it takes work.
This manual has been written for the purpose of imparting general information to the person who is about to start his or her own business. It may be helpful in directing the reader’s thinking toward areas which deserve additional attention. It is possible that the reader may be exposed to new issues which have not yet been considered. Checklists and case studies are used in order to stimulate creative thinking, cause further investigation, and encourage the reader to review financial planning. The reader is cautioned that the generalities used may not apply to his specific situation. No opinion is expressed as to the expected success of any specific business.